Startup School by Y Combinator

Startup School by YC

I really like online courses related to starting your own startup or building a new business from scratch, but this course will be awesome. It will be supported and managed by Y Combinator, World class startup accelerator from Silicon Valley, Mountain View.

Registration is open now! Follow this link.

Snap Stock Price up to 50% in First Trading Day


Today, Thursday is another successful day for Snap, camera company and now traded on the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol “SNAP.”  The California-based company raised $3.4 billion in the IPO, with net proceeds of about $2.3 billion. Snap shares are up to $24, 41% over its $17 opening price. Now the company has a market cap of more than $33B.

Now Snap will have more cash to buy new technology startups and products which will help to build its products. It already bought startups- Vurb, Continue reading “Snap Stock Price up to 50% in First Trading Day”

How to Discover Excellent Marketing Strategy in E-Commerce

LogoJoy ecommerce strategy

This is a serious question and could take a while to understand how things work in e-commerce. If you have web access, to search for advice is easy, but the problem is there are too many advisers made by SEO (search engine optimization) people and copycats. Marketing strategy for each e-commerce company could be similar to its direct competitors. The problem is it will be the same as your competitors are Continue reading “How to Discover Excellent Marketing Strategy in E-Commerce”

Online Tools and Services I use on Daily Basis

Product Hunt

Most of the people, who are blogging like to create a list of tools, apps, and services they’re commonly using. It is my turn, too. I am not typical web and phone user, as I value a lot my time. Most of my time is not worth app’s time. With this I mean my priority is to live a real life, not my mobile phone life. I’m not a common friend of any social network.

A User of these Services:

Continue reading “Online Tools and Services I use on Daily Basis”

Should You Trust Comparison Table Review Sites

Compare products

Today you have a product and looking how to promote it. One of the first ideas what comes in mind is to explore Google search results they deliver. Usually, we use the most common and related keywords about our product or service we just built. If we built a product in a very competitive market, for example, online payments, credit cards or fin-tech, it will be really difficult Continue reading “Should You Trust Comparison Table Review Sites”

Online Marketplaces Like Mushrooms After The Rain

online marketplaces like mushrooms

You just built your first product and looking how to sell it. Probably you search in Google how similar products are getting sold. One way to sell you probably noticed in search results- online marketplaces.
Etsy one of the biggest online marketplaces was started more than a decade ago in 2005. Keeping in mind Etsy success and new technology development, now everyone can open similar in structure marketplace even with WordPress. Here I found (a few years ago) a great plugin, called Continue reading “Online Marketplaces Like Mushrooms After The Rain”

How Many Websites are Using Different E-commerce solutions?

Ecommerce by market share

A Question- how to detect this??

This is a question. Following the first Q, another question appears- Why someone would need to know the total number of websites?

-These values and numbers are necessary for different review sites, comparison charts and in general to compare and evaluate each e-commerce solution by market share. Continue reading “How Many Websites are Using Different E-commerce solutions?”

15 Quality WordPress Themes for e-Commerce

WordPress Polaris Theme

I’d like to share few WordPress theme designs I used for my simple stores for e-commerce websites. They fully loaded with different customization options. Different builders are best when you don’t know how to modify CSS. The List of 15 themes (randomly listed, 1st is not the best and the 15th is not the worst).

My list is not monetized with affiliate links!

Enjoy! Continue reading “15 Quality WordPress Themes for e-Commerce”